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IBV Liquor Co. launched in November 2018.

Our mission is to take a stand against boring unadventurous drinking, to break away from tradition and embrace a new unique Afrikan Swag.


In creating our award-winning Afrikan Rum and Afrikan Gin we combined a selection of locally sourced botanicals. Through a process of continuous tastings and adjustments, we developed a unique recipe to create the perfect serve. 

Within six months after bringing our unique product into the market, we won our first accolade.


We pride ourselves as being rooted in an alternative perspective born in the Afrikan continent, and that our identity is expressed through a positive narrative that draws from Afro-futurism. This perspective is then combined with Afrikan elements and existential philosophies to create a different, yet bold, new pulse of Afrika.

Our aspiration for excellence and intelligent engagement with our continent is based in the designs of Afro-futurism. This inspires us to overcome our challenges and help to re-position ourselves, exceeding our dreams, hopes and imagination.

We created our brand, to show the world that Afrika is more than a continent on the map and that the Afrikan dream is real. Afrika drums to its own pulse, creating a future with infinite possibilities.

Nihilo is born of Afrika, the product of Afrikan myths and traditions. As Afrikans we acknowledge the strength and uniqueness of each individual. This connection between each individual and their magical interactions to the galaxies and the universe is powerful enough to unite new worlds.


Together, each person with their own magical realness.  

We strive to rebuild the continent and our conscious mindset for a better Afro-Future(ism).


In the spelling Afrika, a “k” is used rather than a “c” because for many Afrikans the “k” represents an acknowledgement that “Africa’ is not the true name of this vast continent. When one speaks of Afrika, they are bringing an Afrikan-centred view to the meaning.


Historically Nguni cattle* have always been, the symbol of wealth, status, spirituality in Africa and are increasingly being heralded as a symbol of Afrikan life. Like summer rainstorms and picturesque sunsets, they are part of our landscape.

Inspiration was drawn from the San* for the big wooden cork in the nihilo bottles, and round “medicinal’ like bottle (“kalbassie”) that fits into the palm of a hand.

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